Yusung Wet Scrubber

Why Yusung wet scrubber

High Efficiency by High Liquid-to-Gas Ratio

Porous Plate Design

The scrubbing efficiency of porous plate type wet scrubber was improved by 33% compared with Packed bed scrubbers

Multi-Vortex Scrubbing Technology

The cone design porous plate makes multi-vortex scrubbing.

A turbo fan makes input air flow rotate in a chamber under a stage 1.

A great number of holes from the porous plate of the stage 1 make vortices of gas, having higher gas liquid ratio.

Cones on the porous plate twist vortices again and fortify scrubbing effect.

Two Stages with Different Porous Plates in Separate Chambers at a Same Tower

  • Stage 1 for a porous plate with cones
  • Stage 2 for a porous plate

Scrubbing Liquid Saving

Chemical Dosing Cycle Comparison

While packing media type of wet scrubbers need chemical dosing every 50 minutes, porous plate types do every 80 minutes instead.

Packing media types have sodium sulfide residue accumulation problem.

  • Sodium Sulfide (Na2S) Residue Accumulation on Packing Media
  • Na2S Accumulation makes inlet odorous gas even worse and stronger, exhaling high concentration of H2S
  • pH Decrease
  • More Chemical Dosing Required

Easy Maintenance and Operation Cost Saving

No packing media handling job

Cleaning and replacement of packing media jobs are not required.

No packing media, Easy handling, and Easy cleaning

  • No packing media but porous plate and multi-vortex scrubbing technology
  • Easy cleaning with a pressure washer spray gun even outside of a chamber
  • Easy drain by inclined sump design

Patent Technology

US Patent Application


China Patent Application


Korea Patent


Excellent product certificate by Korean government


Two Stages in a Tower

  • State 1 for Alkali and Neutral Odor Control
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
    Alkali and neutral odor scrubbing liquid
    NH3, (CH3) 3N, (CH3)2, CH3CHO, ect.
  • Stage 2 for Acid Odor Control
  • Caustic Soda Acidic odor scrubbing liquid H2S, CH3SH, ect.

No.1 in South Korea Market and 26 years Experience

Pohang POSCO
incineration plant 950㎥/min

Changwon human waste
treatment plant 200㎥/min

Sangju livestock waste
treatment plant 200㎥/min

Seoul Tancheon STP #1
aeration tank 800㎥/min

Gwangju STP #1
sedimentation tank 500㎥/min

Gwangju STP #1
sludge thickener 440㎥/min

Haman livestock waste
treatment plant 450㎥/min

Yeosu STP
Sludge handling facility 400㎥/min